About Us

Like most great ideas VidiModels was born from necessity. For many years online portals for models have existed. They allow both new and experienced models to freely share portfolios with photographers, brands and potential business opportunities. The internet moved the industry past physical “comp cards” into full online photo galleries. Unfortunately, the equivalent service does not openly exist for actors, creators and filmmakers to share video profiles.

Yes, there are plenty of job sites where people connect using old-fashioned text resumes, but not interactive video. It was obvious to me in the late 1990s, but in 2023 Vidi.bio™ is still a fresh concept. We need an interactive matching system that allows demonstrated speaking skills, conversation, performance, verbal dialog, acting chops, action shots. This is shared with friends from the user profile so both sides can shop potential  collaborators and complete a transaction.

Creators  x  Brands

This is the purpose for VidiModels. We are an open social video network built for audio visual creators, entertainers and artists to collaborate and share their work.

    • Filmmakers
    • Actors
    • Influencers
    • Models
    • Musicians
    • 3D Virtual Experience (MetaVerse)

Each user can share video and user it to build their own community. VidiModels allows each member to build relationship with followers and collaborators- both free to view and paid options. We are an open marketplace for creators and sponsors to connect and work together for symbiotic benefit. We are early in the development of our site. It’s that wonderful stage when all the service is FREE. Why not join now? Let’s create a better future together.

BTW, talent is only one aspect of a full production. And the same system works for any of the many roles and assets in the production
process. So pick your poison, we don’t discriminate. Show us your skills. We extend the invitation to all creators and crew in the production world. Anyone wanting to connect and share, please join here. Create a video and connect with potential opportunity.

Post-TV Online Creators

Social media is driven by online personalities sharing videos, stories and more. Influencer personalites create a continuous online flow of content to share with their followers. They build their own celebrity status. This is the exciting new “influencer” world. Thousands of creators work rather hard to create this content for their viewers.

Most of them are hoping to build an audience in the millions where they can eek out a modest compensation from YouTube. But like most performers, many are hoping for regular sponsors. Talent agents have aggressively inserted themselves in the middle of this equation drastically complicating the system. They will likely hate this site for eliminating their necessity.

Why not YouTube?

YouTube offers mass exposure but not a great way to connect and build relationships. Nor does it offer a means to conduct transactional business direct with sponsors. Nor does it provide cash flow for  beginners trying to build a base from scratch. It’s a brave new world with a long way to go. And we want to help the new people. It may not be an influencer school exactly, but you can learn a lot from great conversations with creative leaders in the space.

Influencer: Instant Revenue

So what if an influencer just started hoping to seek potential sponsors without the help of an agent? That influencer needs a place to post their video and represent what type of packages they are seeking. Are they looking for a flat rate weekly, monthly package. Or maybe they prefer a per-post compensation. Either way the creator needs a sample representation of what they can provide so potential brands can find them.

VidiModels for Brands

On the other side of the transaction, thousands of business owners, brands and groups would like to discover creators on their own. They would love a means to “shop the field” to find a good match for their product. But where can they go to find them? Many are new to the online world and need visuals


Movie Crew

  • Director,
  • Photographers,
  • Camera Operator,
  • Gaffers,
  • DP – Director of Photography,
  • PA – Production Assistant,
  • Casting Director,
  • Key Grip,
  • ScriptWriters,
  • Costume Director,
  • Boom Operator,
  • Sound Mixer


  • Voice Talent
  • 3D Artists
  • Programmers
  • Art Directors
  • Editors
  • Audio Producers
  • Audio Composers

Production Space

  • Virtual Production
  • Chroma Key Studios
  • Sound Stage
  • Podcast Studios
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